You got it wrong all this timeBuilding aonline presence for your company is no longer about posting latest products and promotional offers on social media. With over 293,000 posts made every minute, with only 2.27% of them being reached, you are only likely to populate the elephant graveyard of unpopular content. Rather than the quality of products or cheap pricingpeople now connect with brands and what companies tell them about their brand. This is why you definitely need to create a strong brand messaging strategy and here are 5 content ideas that will help build your storytelling and ultimately sell your brand. 


Social Impact 

Supporting social causes is not just for non-profit or charitable organizations. Your business must seek to make a change or create a value within actual social issues people care about. This is how your audience know they are fighting for causes that matter to them when they capitalize on your products or services. Once you find out how your business is making social impactlet your audience know you are not money-oriented but people-oriented, let them realize your business shares the same vision with them so you can become friends, speaking the same language. 


Ask Questions 

As the saying goes, human beings are social animals. They constantly look for interactions and you should take the most out of it. While creating content, think of it as a first date: What would you say to break ice and have your mates opening up to you? Come up with an interesting subject, invite your audience to share they thoughts and, when they do, engage with them. It can be in a form of comments, polls, live discussionsor webinarsWhen you actively open conversations with your audience instead of spamming them with posts, you get closer to them and create customer relations. 


Behind The Scenes 

I will never say it enough: people seek to build relationships with actual humans, not fictitious entities. Your business is only as real as the people who make it run. If you are able to value and care for your in-house team, people will trust your ability to value and care for them: that is what they buy – Trust. Show your audience the performances of the guy who deliver your services, the energy and professionalism reflected during meetings, or even fun facts about your manager. Quotes, fast-paced challenges, interviews videos… Such content creates feelings, and feelings build empathy, and empathy leads to trust and customer loyalty. 


Fun and Inspiring 

One fact you must be aware of is that people go to social media – in most cases at least – for entertainment. Nobody would actually go to Instagram and search “Components of coconut skin lotion. This means if you want to remain in people’s mind, you definitely need to include zests of entertaining content. There are many ways to turn whatever subject into a meme video, tailor your message to a trending story, or create discount-rewarded contests. Just make sure your key messaging remains very clear to your audience. 



You might have heard or read somewhere that popular opinion: “in marketing, content is king!”, and it is absolutely true! However, what you might not know is that 51% of marketers admit that video content achieves the best ROI. The reason is simple: a video is way better at conveying emotions and live experience than any other type of content, and this is why companies invest a lot in video production. As long as your topic is relevant and your call to actions well formulated, the length would not significantly impact your audience bounce rate. However, video experts would ideally recommend you stick to less than 120 seconds. 


In sum, capitalize on messaging rather than promotion is the one of the best approaches to generate brand awareness, customer engagement and lead generations. While creating content, always sell your brand as a human being who has causes, emotions and able to keep the conversation going. If you do not have the skills or technical resources for optimal content creation, you can always request the services of an experienced digital agency – just like Wouessi – to deliver all your needs and meet your goals. 

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