A logo is meant to represent your company, it is the first thing people will know about your business. Now, imagine showing your start-up logo among several others, asking random people to select the top 3 logos that most appeal to their mind and – all of a sudden – you never get selected among any top 3 logos. I am sure this is such an inconvenient situation you would never want to experience. However, this is likely to happen when you have an amateur designer create your logo or go to online logo design platforms. Why is that? Just because, as any other creative work, logo design has processes and is subjected to regular changes within the trend. Here I want to show you common pitfalls every experienced designer knows and which you should also know to identify who is accountable to perform such an important task! 

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Out of date techniques 

Bad logo designs are usually made with very old-fashioned techniques and effects, just like the below logo, full of 1980s 3D gradients, fonts and clip art, which gives it such an outdated look. If you look for a fresh and modern business logo, then use modern fonts like Helvetica, Proxima Nova, Nexa… unless your business deals with retro vibes, in which case you would rather emphasize on vintage effects. 

Too much details 

With the emerging technologies, more and more brand assets are displayed on smaller devices and products, as compared to a couple of years ago when advertising relied on billboards, banners and things of the such. On smartphones for example, such logos will not be well visible or not fit perfectly, unless you expressly request for variations of the logo for larger or smaller placements, which is unlikely to be possible on those automatic logo maker platforms.   

Too vague 

In design, simplicity and minimalism are key, yet your logo must still say it all about your business at the first sight. However, there are designs that do not say anything about what the business is about: just plain company name or random clip art. Please, make sure you include at least a tagline or an obvious pictogram. 

No selling points        

When referring to an online automatic logo maker, you are at risk of seeing the exact same symbols that have been used again and again, spamming the market. This will definitely not allow your logo to stand out from the crowd. You might think like “If this is generic in the market, that means people like it” but when the market will become crowded with all these similar logos, your logo will just vanish from people’s mind. 

To conclude, there is a long list of common pitfalls most start-ups are exposed to just because they do not feel important to actually spend enough money in something “as little as” a logo. But they struggle to be memorable in their audience’s mind and end up spending money to rebrand their company later on. Always be mindful of your brand and give the task to expert designers

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