we combine our business solutions and technical know-how to create tailored digital intelligence solutions to uniquely meet each of our client’s needs.

Who We Are !

Wouessi means “God’s thing” in an African dialect used by the Bamileke tribe in western Cameroon. Wouessi was founded by a group of innovation-driven, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, with a combined experience of over 30 years in the technology and digital spaces. Proficiency in multiple languages such as English, French and Portuguese has provided us with a unique and strong presence in Rwanda, Cameroon,Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast.

At Wouessi, we combine our business solutions and technical know-how to create tailored digital intelligence solutions to uniquely meet each of our client’s needs. We provide them with the latest cutting edge technologies and digital marketing efforts to maximize return on investment (ROI), scalability, and efficiency. Our aim is to bring digital and technology solutions in the space of computational decision making with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital innovation by providing value to businesses across the world.

What We Do !

Wouessi is a Intelligence company focused on delivering intelligent digital solutions by combining solid business foundations with global technical and digital expertise. Our goal is to help small and medium-size companies deliver quantifiable and sustainable results by optimizing their digital footprint through increased brand awareness, lead generation, and Online Sales

Why Us?

When your mission is to be superior, speedier and smarter, you need the smartest people driving your vision forward.

What qualifies the team? Our team is a diverse group of people made up of the best local and international talents. We are qualified by the work it has collectively performed, implementing projects, serving in an advisory capacity at high levels, training and experiences gained with working in global digital innovation environments.


Our vision is to become a catalyst for the transformation of Africa into a leading market in the global digital economy in the coming decades. We will work to drive workforce development to reduce the skills gap and create sustained GDP growth in countries.


Our mission is to leverage digital intelligence, to empower every business and entrepreneur in building digital solutions to ensure sustainability and competitive advantage.

Problem Statement

Many companies are still struggling to understand the advantages of going digital and adopting new technologies to better manage their businesses. They are unable to keep up with all the pace of innovations such as real-time interaction with customers, accurate insights, better inventory and supply-chain management, accessing new customer segments, productivity improvements, better resource allocation, effective forecasting and efficient business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We approach our work with devotion, a sharp consideration to detail and a quality standard. Focus
is on learning and gaining a depth of understanding of the challenges facing our clients and then
coming up with a design and an approach that meets the needs of the client, with client
involvement at each step of the journey. The strategy is to deliver uniquely tailored solutions that
account for the specific conditions and circumstances of our clients.

Our practise is guided by a methodology that entails a rigorous and systematic approach to
studying, identifying, and assessing problems, and designing solutions.

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