Rwanda: Rodrigue Fouafou – with Wouessi, a Cameroonian actor of the African tech in the country of the great lakes?

Modern organizations and businesses focus on relationships with each other as well as relationships with technology. “Relationships are governed by principles and actions that help all members to grow and develop well”, explains Rodrigue Fouafou – founder of Wouessi and investor in African start-ups. It must be said that the digitization of economic activities has become a keystone of profitable and sustainable growth for private sectors. In Senegal alone, digital technology creates as many jobs as tourism or the restaurant industry, according to a recent report by the telecom sector regulatory authority. In Kenya, 50% of the national GDP would transit through mobile money according to the Kenyan Ministry of Economy. According to Rodrigue Fouafou, it is a global approach that must be proposed. “We need to help businesses reach their true profit potential through digital marketing, social networks, digital marketing, application development and website development, not to mention blockchain and artificial intelligence,” he says. The combination of these expertise would greatly contribute to a reduction of costs and an increase in profits for companies. 


Human resource developments qualify the core of the engine 

While in the West, specialists speak of ‘dematerialization’ fearing that technology will make the human disappear from ecosystems. On the African continent, Tech For Good has included the human in its process. Within the Wouessi teams, there are more than 25 passionate people operating in Rwanda, Mozambique, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. “We operate on the entire marketing and digital ecosystem by incorporating human, administrative and financial management of private sectors,” explains the start-up. 


With Wouessi, the continent’s major companies can grow through digital 


The company has more than a hundred contractual talents available to cover these different specialties. A vision that seems to work. The company is currently working with about fifty African companies, in North America and Europe. According to sources provided by the company, Wouessi is worth $2.5 million with the objective of reaching the $500,000 turnover threshold this year. A goal considered realistic by the one who comes from a family of 32 brothers and sisters who grew up modestly in Cameroon. But nothing stops this tech enthusiast and developer of the African start-up ecosystem who lived more than 21 years in the United States and Canada and who is back on the continent since last year. Because, let’s face it: if dreaming is priceless, realizing one’s dreams requires important sacrifices. And Rodrigue Fouafou’s teams are ready to do just that, like thousands of other entrepreneurs on the continent and elsewhere in the diaspora. 

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